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Forms, Information, and Applications

forms Pool Rules and Regulations 2016
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Membership Rates 2016
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Garden Rules and Regulations 2015
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Birthday, Sports, Team Party Application 2015
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General Party Application 2016
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Rules and Regulations
1. The use of the swimming pool at the Larrymore Lawns Community Park Association (LLCPA) is restricted to members and their guests.

2. All guests must register and pay a $5.00 daily charge. If lifeguard is not present, members please remit guest fee on next visit or leave guest pay ticket filled out in sign in book.

3. All persons using this pool and other facilities do so entirely at their own risk. Management assumes no liability.

4. NO glass is allowed in the pool area at any time.

5. NO Profanity of any kind.

6. NO animals in pool or on the pool deck.

7. NO Smoking in pool area. (permitted outside of fencing only).

8. NO Running or horseplay on the pool deck.

9. ALL members and guests must log in at the sign in table.

10. Persons must take a shower prior to entering the pool.

11. Persons with open wounds, sores or infectious diseases must not enter the pool.

12. Inflatables and other toys are allowed in the shallow end only at the discretion of the lifeguard on duty.

13. Persons utilizing inflatables (floaties, inflatable rings, suits with built-in floats, and etc) shall not use the diving board.

14. Appropriate attire is required-bathing suits only in pool.

15. Diving is permitted in designated areas only.

16. Deep water privileges will be extended to those passing the lifeguard administered swimming competency test.

17. Children who are not toilet trained shall wear tight fitting rubber or plastic pants over disposable swim wear - no diapers allowed in pool.

18. Swimming is prohibited during thunder/electrical storms, including a 30 minute period after the last lightning is seen or thunder is heard.

19. Wading pool is for use by patrons under six years (currently closed)

20. Exit the pool using either ladder or stairs.

21. In an emergency dial 911.

22. Persons failing to follow rules are subject to removal from the premises.

23. The on-duty lifeguard is the final authority and their requests must be followed.

24. Members 14 years and older may sign in non-member guests when lifeguard is present.

25. NO one under 18 may enter without a parent or guardian when lifeguard is not on duty. If in attendance when life guard is on duty and going off duty, anyone under 18 must leave pool facility.

26. Only members 18 years and older may bring guests when lifeguard is not on duty.

27. Children under 10 and all children who cannot swim must be attended by a parent or adult person 18 years or older

28. Members must remain on the premises at all times with their non-member guests.

29. Management has the authority to implement and enforce rules more stringent or that supplement those listed here.






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